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Best Quiet Keyboards 2022

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Those who are old enough to remember the first few generations of PCs that started the home computer revolution will recall the loud clicking sounds that those computer keyboards put out. Though modern, membrane switch technology has made keyboards quieter, there is still a need for quiet keyboards for gaming and working in close proximity in an office or computer lab. In addition, many pc gamers who prefer the feel of a mechanical keyboard also need a quiet keyboard.

There are plenty of quiet keyboards of varying types on the market, but getting your hands on one without test-driving it first is something of a challenge. Our buyer’s guide is designed to provide the necessary information concerning the benefits of a quiet keyboard as well as what general features to look for in order to make an informed choice. We will follow up our buyer’s guide with a review of several quiet keyboards so that you can see how various models and designs compare.

Our goal is to provide you with enough information that you can narrow down your decision to the keyboard which best fits your overall needs and preferences. With that in mind, let’s get started.


Why do you need a quiet keyboard?

With advances in technology when it comes to file sharing, working in your home office late at night is becoming more common. The problem with tapping away on your computer in your home office is that constant, annoying sound of the keys on your keyboard keeping your loved ones awake. Keeping things peaceful in a dorm room where one roommate is a pc gamer and the other one is attempting to concentrate on an upcoming test is another situation which can be improved with a quiet keyboard. Regardless of why you need one, a quiet keyboard has its benefits.


What benefits can you expect from a quiet keyboard?

Keyboards tend to have a clicking sound in order for the user to get some feedback when it comes to key presses. How loud that has to be is up to some interpretation, but most agree that a quieter keyboard is much preferred by those who have to listen to someone tapping on it. Modern keyboard designs have allowed users to get the tactile feedback they need while making them more silent, which tends to be more pleasing to everyone around.


What are some features to look for in a quiet keyboard?

Most people who are looking for a quiet keyboard are looking for functionality along with quiet operation. In these situations, function tends to trump silence. However, if you know what to look for, you can get the best of both worlds. Let’s take a look at some of the features of quiet keyboards that also perform the tasks you require of them.


Switch Types

The quietness of a keyboard is found in its key switching mechanism. The old keyboards from the first few generations had actual mechanical switches, which clicked on and off as the keys were touched. Mechanical switch keyboards are extremely tactile, with both the clicking sound and tactile, springy feedback. Many gamers and typists like the feel and rhythm of these keyboards, but they are noisy.

Many newer generation keyboards use membrane switches, which activate a digital switch rather than a mechanical one. Membrane switches tend to be less tactile and also quieter. Because membrane switches are quieter and give less feedback, precision is sometimes sacrificed because of multiple key presses due to either not feeling or hearing the key press or because the touch is so sensitive that the key press is repeated several times with a single touch.

There are some newly developed keyboards that are something of a hybrid between the two extremes and gamer demands have led to the development of mechanical switch types that are tactile, but silent such as: cherry mx black, red, brown and orange.


Type of Keyboard

Functionality of a keyboard is related to what type of keyboard it is. There are essentially two main styles of keyboard with a multitude of variations. A slim or compact, keyboard tends to have a QWERTY (alphabetic script with the letters qwerty in the upper left corner) layout with numbers and function keys above and scrolling function keys to the right. The slim keyboard is not as wide because it doesn’t have the ten-key number pad. A full-size keyboard will include the ten-key number pad, typically on the right side of the QWERTY keyboard after the scrolling function keys. Multimedia and gaming keys are sometimes added to either of these types.


Other Features

There are other features to keep in mind when selecting any keyboard. Those features tend to be related to how a person uses their keyboard, space limitations or personal preferences. Let’s take a brief look at those features:

• Wired vs. Wireless. The limitation of USB ports for plugging in both a mouse and keyboard can make this a necessity on a laptop, but whether you connect wired or wireless tends to be a personal preference for people who just don’t like the clutter of cables.

• Mouse Combos. The combo packages of a keyboard with a mouse tend to go along with wireless setups, which allow both input devices to utilize the same receiver and function using the same software drivers.

• Profile. A slender profile is a keyboard that is not very thick and has lower profile keycaps. This style is preferred by some users and not by others.

• Advanced Gaming Features. PC gamers tend to go for keyboards that allow them to program a lot of hotkeys or game function keys on-the-fly. They also go for things like anti-ghosting, multiple rollover and lots of backlighting options.


Now that you understand some of the benefits and features of quiet keyboards, you are better informed to take a closer look at how various manufacturers implement these features and benefits into their keyboards. After comparing the various keyboards below, you should be able to narrow down your choice of the best quiet keyboard for you.



Our Top Picks Best Quiet Keyboards Reviews


CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

A gaming keyboard that provides you with the first step toward enhanced performance with quieter operation is the Corsair K55 RGB. This keyboard features RGB backlighting modes, multi-key anti-ghosting, on the fly media controls and 6 dedicated macro keys for customizing both its feel and its functionality. This is a membrane style keyboard rather than mechanical, making its operation quieter.

The Good

This keyboard has membrane switch style design to enhance quieter operation. The inclusion of backlighting, on-the-fly function programming and media controls and dedicated 6 macro keys make this a good option for gaming.

The Not So Good

This keyboard requires more pressure to actuate switches, so it doesn’t work well for many typists. Multimedia function keys are not backlit like the rest of the keyboard.

A Great Choice If…

You primarily use your keyboard for gaming. Typists will not be as happy with this keyboard.





Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Jelly Comb Full-Size

This Jelly Comb Full-Size Wireless Keyboard comes with a mouse for a cable free connection to your desktop or laptop. Plug and play with 2.4 GHz RF wireless interfacing are provided with the standard QWERTY keyboard with a soft touch response.

The Good

The slender keyboard design with membrane switching makes this a quiet keyboard which is more comfortable for typing. Having a single receiver for both the mouse and the keyboard is convenient. This is a full-sized QWERTY keyboard.

The Not So Good

This keyboard doesn’t have some of the special gaming keys. You get about 30 days of use before you have to change batteries.

A Great Choice If…

You are using your keyboard with a laptop that has limited USB ports and need a combo package. Gamers will not be impressed by this keyboard and mouse combo.





Vive Comb Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

The Vive Keyboard is a rechargeable keyboard which takes only two hours to recharge. The classic, elegant design is slender and compact and has anti-slip features to keep your keyboard in place. The 2.4 GHz RF wireless keyboard has a sleep mode function to conserve power and works up to 35 hours on a full charge. It includes fast-access hot keys and number keypad in a quiet membrane type keyboard.

The Good

The slender design of this keyboard with its membrane switching style makes it a quiet and fully functional keyboard for those who do a lot of typing. The recharging option using a USB port is another added advantage over switching out batteries every month. The sleep function is also a plus for conserving battery power.

The Not So Good

This is not a good keyboard for gamers. The quality of the mouse doesn’t measure up to the quality of the keyboard.

A Great Choice If…

You need a quality keyboard for typing and the quality of the mouse is not nearly as important. You won’t be happy with this setup if you’re a gamer or navigate a great deal with your mouse.





BFRIENDit Wired USB Keyboard

Comfortable, quiet typing in an ultra-slim design are highlights of the BFriendIt Wired USB Keyboard. This unit is easy to install, includes plenty of multimedia function keys and features a chocolate type keyboard, which is similar to a laptop keyboard with a lower profile and quiet membrane style key function. Its ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use and makes your overall working experience more pleasant.

The Good

The slender chocolate key style of this keyboard is appealing to those with a soft touch when they are typing. It is wired into a USB port, so you won’t have to deal with recharging or changing batteries. This is a lightweight keyboard with lots of extra multifunction keys.

The Not So Good

This keyboard is not really suited for gaming. The tactile response of this keyboard is minimal so repeats and typos tend to abound.

A Great Choice If…

You type infrequently and like the slender design and softer touch. Neither gamers nor typists will be impressed with this keyboard.





Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard

The PerfectStroke key system of the Logitech K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard is quieter and more fluid for comfortable typing. With a laser etched backlit keyboard, you can even work in the dark if you so desire. No batteries are needed for this keyboard because it includes a micro-USB recharging cable, which delivers up to 10 days of typing on a single, quick charge. It utilizes 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology for a powerful and reliable interface.

The Good

This keyboard is the best of both worlds, providing both fluid and comfortable typing with a decent tactile response with a quieter design. The backlighting makes it nice for working or playing games in the dark or dim light. Because it recharges, you won’t be changing batteries frequently and the on off switch will keep you from having to charge this one all of the time as well.

The Not So Good

You have to pay a bit more for Logitech products regardless of quality. This keyboard is a little bit too bulky for comfort.

A Great Choice If…

You want a quiet, fully functional and rechargeable wireless keyboard and don’t mind paying a little bit extra for it. This is not going to thrill gamers, but it will work.





Perixx PX-1900 Backlit Gaming Keyboard

Waterproofing, backlighting and innovation all come together in the Perixx PX-1900 Backlit Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard features scissor structure and high keycap design for a durable and reliable key function with great rebound giving it an excellent gamers’ feel. It has a feel similar to a mechanical keyboard without the clicking noise. It includes dust, waterproof and wash-ability and comes with anti-ghosting and 7 backlighting options as well.

The Good

The scissor structure switches with high keycaps make this keyboard look and feel more like a gamers’ keyboard, but quieter than most mechanical keyboards. You have to be impressed with the waterproof and dustproof features and with the fact that it is washable doesn’t hurt. The backlighting and multifunction keys on this keyboard will appeal to gamers.

The Not So Good

This isn’t the best option for regular typing. There seem to be some issues with membrane alignment on these keyboards.

A Great Choice If…

You are a gamer who is prone to spilling your drink on your keyboard and want a quieter mechanical feel. Typists won’t be completely pleased with this keyboard.





Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth 2014 Edition Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with the high functionality and precision of a mechanical keyboard without the noise. This keyboard uses cherry-orange switches for a quiet, tactile feel, which lets you know that you have actually pressed the key. Key depressions are less than half the typical distance of most mechanical keyboards for quicker response. It has on-the-fly macro recording, fully programmable keys and 10-key rollover for extreme anti-ghosting.

The Good

You can get into some serious quiet gaming with the Razer BlackWidow because it utilizes precision mechanical switches (cherry-orange) with plenty of tactile feedback without any noise. Key depressions take less actuation than other mechanical keyboards making it faster. Advanced key functions are also available on this keyboard. Believe it or not, typists won’t be disappointed with the functionality of this keyboard.

The Not So Good

It is on the pricey end of keyboards. The layout of this keyboard is a little bit annoying for some gamers, as is the lack of backlighting on secondary key functions.

A Great Choice If…

You are a serious gamer or typist who doesn’t mind paying a little bit extra for a quality, quiet, mechanical keyboard. If you are on a budget, walk on by.





JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Another keyboard utilizing scissor-key switch technology is the JoyAccess Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo. Interfaced by 2.4 GHz RF wireless technology, your connection will reach up to 10 meters range. The scissor-key switches of this model provide quiet precision with the tactile feel of a mechanical keyboard. This wireless keyboard utilizes 2 AA batteries for power.

The Good

This keyboard also utilizes quieter and more tactile scissor-key membrane switch technology. This keyboard has a range of 10 meters from your computer and allows you to program and utilize the same RF receiver for both the mouse and keyboard. This is a decent price for a combo pack.

The Not So Good

The mouse doesn’t measure up to the quality of the keyboard. This keyboard doesn’t have the multifunction keys and options gamers prefer.

A Great Choice If…

You need a good keyboard for quiet typing, but use the mouse infrequently. Gamers and those who use their mouse a lot won’t be impressed with this combo setup.

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