Best Quiet Inverter Generators 2022 – Buying Guide

When shopping for a generator, there is a variety to choose from. There before there used to be the conventional ones, these were powered by diesel, gasoline and propane. Your typical generator has a motor and burns fuel to run an alternator to generate electricity. Modern technology has revolutionized the standard generators that were used traditionally with the introduction of inverter generators. Inverter generators are equipped with state of the art magnets and advanced circuitry; this generators convert alternating current (AC) to direct flow (DC) voltage after this conversion has been made DC voltage is then converted back to AC voltage.

However, this is not enough to assist a buyer on which inverter generator to purchase out of the wide variety available in the market. The size and portability is an important consideration as a lightweight, and small design is easy to transport and takes up little space. Fuel efficiency and runtime is also a consideration; inverter generators are fuel efficient the size of the fuel tank determines the runtime, but an external fuel tank can still be attached.

The noise level is also an acritical consideration, and the inverter generator utilizes mufflers, quieter engines and specialized technology to reduce noise levels. The maximum power output is also another consideration.



WEN 56200i 2000- watt portable generator, CARB compliant

The WEN 56200i 2000w inverter generator produces the clean energy it free of voltage spikes and drops. It has such a low distortion that laptops, cellphones, tablets and other sensitive electronics are safely run through it. The 79.7cc 4-stroke OHV engine operates at 51decibels at quarter load; this is quieter than your window air conditioner. It is ideal for camping, tailgating, hunting and power back up.

Some of its features include two three- prong 120v receptacles, a 12v DC receptacle, a 5v USB port and parallel connection; the parallel relationship allows linking of two generators. It is equipped with a feature known as eco-mode which automatically enables the motor of the generator to adjust its fuel consumption. It is equipped with a carrying to handle its lightweight design of approximately 48 pounds provides portability with ease. A pull cord is also available for connection. The state of the art inverter generator is fully automated and has low oil and low fuel shutdown.

The performance of the WEN 56200i 2000w inverter generator. It has a running wattage of 1600w and a surge wattage of 2000w. Its fuel tank has a capacity of 1gallon. The runtime when half-load is 6 hours.



Honda 7000w super quiet lightweight inverter 120/240v fuel efficient generator with i-Monitor LCD

The Honda 7000w is perfect for home back up power and outdoor events such as camping and hunting. It is super quiet with less noise than normal conversation it operates at 52 to 58 decibels. It has 20A and 120v outlets which meet the set standards. The inverter is convenient for computers and other sensitive home gadgets and appliances.

Its features include fuel injection that offers fuel efficiency and lower maintenance it has smart electronic fuel injection technology which enhances fuel efficiency this eradicates the problem of engine choke and the common carburetor malfunctions. It is fuel efficient in that it has a run time of 6 to18 hours on 5.1gallons depending on the load. The utilization of inverter technology aids in the production of reliable power that is stable. Has folding handles that are suitable as they can be raised for more comfortable transportation also supplemented by its wheel kit standard or lowered for better storage.

It weighs around 260 pounds. i-Monitor provides an interface with the user as it displays useful information such as the time the generator has been running and speed of the engine to sweeten the deal it offers diagnostics for servicing. Low oil shutdown which automatically shuts down the engine when low oil is detected. Has electronic circuit breakers that protect the generator during an overload. Has a fuel gauge that assists the user to monitor the amount of fuel available.




SUAOKI portable power station 150wh quiet gas free solar generator

The Suzuki mobile power station has two 110v Ac outlet, 4 DC ports, 4USB ports, LED flashlights and can be used to power household appliances and great for outdoor activities such as camps. It has a net weight of 4.32ibs and has lift handles to assist in its movement from point to point. It is suitable as a power bank for laptops, cameras, phones, tablets, drones, home appliances and much more.

The cutting-edge technology used in its model and manufacture provides multiple uses through its features. It has a solar generator with MPPT controller once it is connected to a solar panel it can utilize solar energy and harness it and recharge itself. Provides high power supply this little power station has a surprising 150wh this is despite its small size. It has a carport feature and 4USB ports for charging multiple devices and gadgets. Has the perfect emergency tool, it has applications that allow for voltage and temperature control plus other advanced operations this provides for safety for both the user and the device itself. It can be used as a torch for emergency lighting.





Honda EU2200i –watt 120-volt super quiet portable inverter generator

The Honda EU2200i is ideally suited for its application as a portable generator for home, work and play. It is among the all-new series models for super quiet generators. It provides more power, better performance and more comfortable for use and maintenance for the consumer. It’s perfect for home use. Some of its applications include use the power back up for a variety of home appliances, also its ideal for camping and powering your electronic devices while outdoors. The Honda EU2200i has combined the use of cutting-edge technology to deliver on its best features.

Has a fuel shut off that cuts fuel supply to the engine when fuel is running low thereby reducing engine problems? It has a massive oil pout and drains to avoid those messy oil exchange scenarios. The generator has user-friendly features such as the colour coded feature for the healthier start of the generator. To prevent overheating of the components, it has a superb ventilation channel to maximize airflow and thus better cooling. Has so little noise while in operation of about 48 to 57 decibels, noisy is a trait that you can’t place on the same sentence as the EU2200i. The Eco- throttle system provides for fuel efficiency and has a runtime of 4-9.6 hours depending on the load. Has a voltage of 120v and a power wattage of 2200w and also has provision for parallel connection with another generator. Thanks to Honda it has a small and lightweight design it weighs 47pound and is powered by gasoline.




The Champion 3100-watt RV portable inverter generator.

The champion power equipment 75531i had a lightweight design with wheels for more comfortable transportation and did I mention carry handles also for the 80-pound equipment. Has a fuel gasoline tank of 1.6 gallons that has a runtime of 8 hours at quarter load (25%). Thinking of going on the camping trip, tailgating or merely power back up this is your ideal generator. The generator produces 3100w and 2800w running watts also there is a 30A outlet, this power is essential during an emergency power outage. It can power a refrigerator, fan, television, DVD, computers, smartphones, tablets and even the lights. It has a variety of features as the Eco-friendly features.

It operates quietly with 58dBA from a distance of 23 feet thanks to The noise reduction techniques such as mufflers. The OHV engine has an automatic low oil shut off the sensor. It encases a smart economy mode that can determine precisely how much fuel is needed while carrying out an operation. The Champion inverter has a quick touch panel that is user-friendly.




Westinghouse WH2200iXLT super quiet portable inverter generator.

The inverter generator has a rating of 1800w and 2200w peak watts and is gas powered. The engine size is 79cc and uses gasoline only with a capacity of 1.3 gallons. Westinghouse has been around for more than a century now and has made groundbreaking technological advancements making the inverter power efficient. It’s perfect for use in the house, during camping, tailgating and emergency power supply. It utilizes cutting-edge tech to make it a lightweight inverter among other features.

The inverter is lighter than your traditional generators weighing 43pounds with a built-in handle easy to carry around. Has provision for parallel connection which two Westinghouse more inert generators can be connected for a combined 3600w. Has seemed less usability as you can plug and play. Operates more quietly than the volume of an average person with 52dB at 25% load suitable for night use and situations that are sound sensitive can even be used with kids asleep.




Atima AY 2000i portable generator inverter generator 2000w

The Altima AY 2000i is performance oriented and reliability inverter from Yamaha engine Japanese design compelling with an eye-catching design. It’s easy to use the generator with the constant power supply that suits your particular application be it camping, household power for appliances and power back up. A noise level of this inverter is 52 decibels at 7meters and a quarter load. A sleek looking generator that is a step in the future and provides performance that is unrivalled as a quiet inverter generator with diverse features.

The single cylinder, four-stroke gasoline engine provides an AC output of 1600w- 2000w and a DC of 12v and current of 8A. The engine has a capacity of 1gallon of fuel and oil capacity of 0.1 gallons. There is provision for an electrical circuit breaker with a low oil alarm and a smart throttle. The top of the line engine has low maintenance requirements and can be used for long durations as quality is guaranteed when it comes to Yamaha. All your household accessories are compatible with the Altima AY 2000i the television, DVD, blender, fan, coffee maker, radio, hairdryer, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, incandescent lights and more. It is lightweight weighing 47.4 pounds with a handle you can carry it like briefcase as you transport it.

Made of an aluminium alloy body with a detailed ergonomic design that is easy to operate and has the acceptable standard electrical outlet making it highly compatible with your everyday gadgets. The inclusion of smart technology in its design ensures efficiency and safety all through. An intelligent throttle can automatically adjust the speed of the engine to that of the load in use and also has protection from overload.




Generac 6866 iQ2000

A super quiet inverter with a running wattage of 1600w and starting of 2000w is gasoline powered. The design says it all as it is light with a weight of 46.2 pounds and comes with a built-in handle making it easy to carry around and transport. Users have an array of modes to choose from turbo, standard and economy modes. The fuel and noise levels are also adjusted by the generator automatically. Items that require higher power outputs turbo mode is best suited, for lower power output requirements economy mode is best, and for your standard load specifications, standard method fits right in. The outdoor environment such as camps or parks, garden events, tailgating and household power back up are among some of its areas of application.

The features include an LED display that can be used by the user as an interface to monitor the operations of the generator such as time fuel is going to run for and the wattage being produced by the generator. There are alerts for low oil and fuel also when there is an overload or overheating. A parallel connection is available that allows for connection of two of this inverter generators to give twice the power. A runtime of 7.7hours at quarter load for the 80cc engine. Through tests conducted by third-parties, it is evident the Generac iQ2000 is much quieter than its competitors enabling it to provide power at required loads with no noise pollution.

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