Best Quiet Hair Dryers 2022 – Buying Guide and Reviews

quiet hairdryers

Some have likened the noise level of a hair dryer to that of a fighter jet in full afterburner. Though that is a bit of an exaggeration, it isn’t a long way from the truth. Because consumers demand faster hair drying, more powerful fans and hotter hairdryers are being produced to meet the demand, but with that power comes increased noise levels. Finding a truly quiet hair dryer can be something of a challenge.

When it comes to narrowing down your purchase of a quiet hair dryer, our buyer’s guide is designed to help you sort through some of the features and elements which make hair dryers louder or quieter as well as finding a balance for efficiency. Along with our buyer’s guide, we will also review several hair dryers which have the reputation of being quieter so that you can compare how these features stack up in actual use.

By the time you have finished with our reviews and buyer’s guide, you should be well enough informed to make a qualified quiet hair dryer purchase. With that end in mind, let’s examine some of the benefits and features of quiet hair dryers.


Why do you need a quiet hair dryer?

When others are trying to sleep, you might feel a bit guilty about the amount of noise involved in styling your hair. If you have small children or a baby, which you hope will continue sleeping through the racket, you might be fooling yourself. A quiet hair dryer can help alleviate some of these issues as well as providing some other added benefits to your health.


What benefits can you expect from a quiet hair dryer?

The American Speech-Hearing-Language Association rates various noises on a scale utilizing decibels (dB) as its measure. Upon this scale are levels from silent to extremely loud and damaging to hearing function. Many of today’s hair dryers register between 80 and 100 dB, which is the equivalent of holding a motorcycle motor or subway up next to your head. A reduction of these dB levels is necessary to avoid causing damage to your hearing.


What are some features to look for in a quiet hair dryer?

Choosing a quiet hair dryer is quite a challenge because all manufacturers hope to draw customers with the claim that their hair dryer is quiet. Levels between 60 dB and 80 dB are a great improvement, but you might not see these ratings within the specifications of the product. Some claims are true and some cannot be substantiated, but there are some features to look for which can indicate that a particular hair dryer operates at a lower decibel level.


Heating Types

There are essentially three heating technologies that begin at the same point, a coil of nichrome wire, which resists electric flow in order to get hot. Some hair dryers also add tourmaline or ceramic coating over this nichrome wire. Ceramic coating helps to spread out the heat more evenly to keep it from scorching your hair and tourmaline adds negative ions to reduce static electricity; referred to as negative ionization or negative ion technology. Ionizing breaks down water molecules so that they dry faster.


Dual Air Flow

An innovation which helps to improve hair dryer noise is known as dual air flow. Because there is a fixed amount of space between the fan and your hair in the length of the barrel, this feature has the potential to reduce operation noise. Before you decide on a particular product, consider the decibel noise level. More powerful hair dryers without this feature will range higher up on the decibel level scale.


Wattage Settings

With some research, you will discover that the quieter hair dryers fall within the 1400 to 1600 watts range. The reason behind this is that the fan in a lower wattage hair dryer does not have to function at as high of a rate of rpm to disburse their lower temperature air. The lower rate of rpm translates into less noise. The drawback is that they won’t dry as fast.

There are some quiet hair dryers on the market which use 1875 watts, but are still quiet. These are using dual air flow, a fan with more highly efficient aerodynamics to move air, or locate the fan in the handle rather than the barrel of the hair dryer. These hair dryers tend to have additional engineering that is also built into the price.


Length of the Barrel

The length of the barrel on your hair dryer can make a difference for drying your hair more quietly. A unit with a shorter barrel does not require a fan with as much force and therefore tends to be quieter. However, a balance has to be achieved when it comes to wattage, the fan strength and the length of the barrel because if the hair dryer runs too hot, it can burn your scalp or damage your hair.

With the features and benefits we laid out for you in our buyer’s guide, you can compare how these various attributes are implemented in various designs making use of our reviews below.


Our Top Picks Best Quiet Hair Dryers


Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Innovation is the key ingredient in the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. By putting the motor in the handle, the weight and balance of this hair dryer is completely different. Its V9 motor goes up to 110,000 rpm at an inaudible frequency making it work faster and quieter than other motors. In addition, the attachments to the Dyson are magnetic, making adjustments to the unit easier and quicker, and the microprocessor of this unit regulates air temperature 20 times every second providing exquisite temperature control.


The Good

Placing the motor in the handle of this hair dryer certainly improves the noise level by insulating it some. The frequency level is also improved to make it much less damaging. The weight and balance of this hair dryer are also special features to keep in mind.


The Not So Good

The design of this unit makes it possible for there to be more heat in your hand, but given this unit’s price tag, that probably won’t as much of a concern as justifying the purchase of the hair dryer.


A Great Choice If…

You want a highly innovative and quiet hair dryer, but money is not a concern. If you live on a budget, you will dash past this unit wondering what it would be like to live like the other half.





Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer

Increased control with quieter operation is the highlight of the Revlon Lightweight Quiet Hair Dryer. A vertically mounted fan helps to reduce noise while providing plenty of drying power. The lightweight body of this unit allows you more control and makes styling more comfortable. Three layers of ceramic coating help to distribute heat evenly to prevent damage. This unit is almost 50 percent quieter than other hair dryers.

The Good

The fan in this unit is also vertically mounted to reduce noise and the curved blades of the centrifugal designed fan are also more highly efficient. 3x ceramic coating helps make this hair dryer more efficient and dual air flow allows it to be quieter at a higher degree of heat output.

The Not So Good

The fan in this unit is not quite powerful enough to produce the air flow many expect, which is part of the reason it is a quieter hair dryer. The extra innovations really don’t function as billed.

A Great Choice If…

You are on a budget and want a quieter hair dryer. If you are in a hurry and have a lot of hair to dry in a short time, this dryer will be a disappointment.





Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

The Centrix Q-Zone Dryer stays at a cooler temperature for those whose scalp is a bit more sensitive. This unit was designed to be used in salons where keeping hair dryer noise down is of some importance and operates at a reduced frequency. It utilizes a two speed motor, is lightweight and uses ceramic tourmaline heating as well as ionic technology to help decrease drying time.

The Good

Those with a sensitive scalp or hair that is extremely sensitive to heat damage with appreciate this hair dryer. The motor operates on a lower frequency than most hair dryers, which makes it sound quieter and at a less irritating pitch. Its ceramic tourmaline heating adds ionic technology to the mix.

The Not So Good

Though the frequency is lower, the actual decibel level is still pretty high and it has sort of a clunky sound present as well. Users also stated that the handle gets hot while in use.

A Great Choice If…

You looking for a lighter weight hair dryer with a cooler temperature and don’t mind paying a little bit more for those features. You really won’t achieve the noise reduction you are expecting.





Panasonic Low-Noise IONITY Hair Dryer

This particular Panasonic Low-Noise Ionity Hair Dryer was specifically designed for Japanese markets, so it is somewhat difficult to get a lot of details on this hair dryer in English. Here are some of the specifications of the product: 600 watt to 1200 watt heat settings, negative ion technology, 1.1 cubic meters per minute airflow. It has a shorter barrel, so moving air is closer to your hair, drying it more rapidly without the extra noise.

The Good

Video reviews of this fan indicate that it really does run a lot quieter than other models. Its shorter barrel and lower heat settings along with ion technology allow this dryer to run more quietly. This dryer is super compact and great for travel as well.

The Not So Good

This hair dryer is probably going to be slower at drying your hair than the higher powered models. Warranties, directions and other product information are in Japanese.

A Great Choice If…

You need a really quiet hair dryer and aren’t in too big of a hurry. When it comes to technical support, warranty claims and instructions, you might be disappointed unless you speak Japanese.





MHU Professional Salon Grade 1875w Low Noise Ionic Ceramic and Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

In spite of its higher wattage output, the MHU Professional Salon Grade Hair Dryer puts out a little less noise than hair dryers in the same class, rating at only 75 dB at maximum power. This dryer offers 2 different fan settings and 3 different heat settings for a more customized experience. Infrared heat along with negative ion technology is used in this hair dryer and it comes with airflow concentrator and diffuser.

The Good

With an actual decibel rating at 75 dB, this hair dryer is quieter than most of the hair dryers on the market. The ceramic ionizing technology helps it dry your hair faster as does the higher heat level of 1875 watts. The air flow concentrator and diffuser attachments can also reduce noise levels.

The Not So Good

The position of the power buttons makes changing speed or temperature accidently a common problem. Overheating and longevity are two additional concerns with this hair dryer.

A Great Choice If…

You are looking for a reasonably priced quiet hair dryer which still dries your hair quickly. You might be disappointed with the overall longevity of this unit.





Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic – Ceramic Hair Dryer

Another high watt output hair dryer with a lower noise level is the Ion Whisper Quiet Lite Ionic Ceramic Hair Dryer. This unit has four temperature settings up to 1875 watts as well as 2 fan speeds and utilizes tourmaline ionic technology. It also features a cool shot button, a removable filter, and weighs only 16 oz.

The Good

The dual air feature and the removable filter of the Ion Whisper helps this higher temperature unit perform quieter. Its diffuser and concentrator attachments add to reducing its noise level. This is also a lightweight unit for easier handling. The cool shot button can help prevent damage from over-drying.

The Not So Good

The location of the fan and temperature switches is also in a bad location for accidental changing. There may be some longevity issues with this unit as well.

A Great Choice If…

You desire a reasonably priced hair dryer which is quieter than most. If you believe this is literally whisper quiet, you will be disappointed.





Centrix Quiet Ceramic Hair Dryer

The Centrix Quiet Ceramic Hair Dryer operates at a cooler temperature to avoid burning your scalp and damaging your hair. Designed to be used in salons where keeping hair dryer noise down is of some importance, this hair dryer operates at a reduced frequency. A two speed motor, lightweight design and the use of ceramic tourmaline heating along with ionic technology to help decrease drying time are some of the main features you can expect from this model.

The Good

This is a lightweight salon quality hair dryer with decent noise reduction technology. It runs at a lower 1500 watt temperature, so the fan force can be reduced without sacrificing hair drying speed. The motor also operates at a lower frequency, which allows it to sound even quieter.

The Not So Good

The fan is not as powerful as many models, which makes it feel like it is not doing its job.

A Great Choice If…

You want a truly quiet hair dryer that doesn’t take longer to dry your hair and can pay a little bit more than average. If you need high wind speeds to feel like you are drying your hair, then you will be disappointed.





BIO IONIC Whisper Light Pro-Dryer

Not only does the Bio Ionic Whisper Light Pro-Dryer prevent dry heat damage to your hair, but it also hydrates it with its exclusive NanoIonic Hybrid Mineral Technology. This dryer utilizes negative ions and Far infrared technology, which has a lower radiation frequency to prevent damage while providing super-fast drying and conditioning. In addition, micronized water molecules penetrate your hair for better hydration.

The Good

The lower infrared frequency of this hair dryer will dry your hair with less damage without reducing speed of drying. The reduced wattage allows for a lower speed fan and quieter operation.

The Not So Good

The claim that this hair dryer hydrates your hair while drying it is oxymoronic. This unit dries more slowly than most hair driers for a unit at its price-point.

A Great Choice If…

You don’t believe all that you are told by someone trying to sell you something and money is no problem. If you are on a budget, this one is a good one to pass up.





VAV Blow Dryer 1875W Negative Iron Professional Hair Dryer

The professional grade power and durability of the VAV Blow Dryer comes in a lightweight design and runs at a lower frequency for quieter operation. This dryer utilizes a 2 speed fan coupled with 3 level heat up to 1875 watts to deliver fast drying. It utilizes a German engineered DC motor, Far infrared with ceramic and tourmaline coating for better air disbursement and negative ions to speed drying and remove frizz and tangles.

The Good

The lower frequency motor of this hair dryer makes it run a bit quieter as well. Negative ion technology is present with dryer to help dry your hair more rapidly using dual air movement. The cool shot feature helps you avoid over-drying your hair.

The Not So Good

The power of the fan in this unit is somewhat lacking. The handle of this hair dryer gets pretty hot during use.

A Great Choice If…

You are looking for a quiet hair dryer at a reasonable price and aren’t in too big of a hurry to dry your hair.

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