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Best Quiet Lawn Mowers On The Market 2022

Keeping your lawn neatly trimmed is like keeping your face clean and your hair combed. Since your lawn is the first impression your guests have of your home, it only makes sense to stay on top of what could become an overwhelming job if neglected. However, let’s face it, lawn mowers are noisy and irritating with lots of maintenance, and they make the task an unpleasant one. A quiet lawn mower can eliminate a couple of those irritations right away and make cutting the grass a bit more pleasant.

How do you select a quiet lawn mower? That isn’t a particularly difficult task if you are well informed, which is exactly the purpose of our buyer’s guide. Using it, you can learn about the benefits and features of quiet lawn mowers and how to pick out the best ones. Our reviews section follows behind our buyer’s guide giving you an opportunity to compare various models and how each implements the different features of a quiet lawn mower in their design.

With the combination of our buyer’s guide and quiet lawn mowers reviews, you should be well qualified to select the quiet lawn mower which best fits your needs and preferences. With that objective in mind, let’s cut to our buyer’s guide.

Why do you need a quiet lawn mower?

Saturday mornings in some neighborhoods are abuzz with the sound of lawnmowers and their various levels of racket make it next to impossible to sleep or even enjoy a quiet morning on your back deck with a cup of coffee. That noise is also an uncomfortable reminder that you also have the unpleasant task ahead of you as well. A quiet lawnmower can eliminate your contribution to the Saturday morning racket and is a lot more pleasant to operate.


What benefits can you expect from a quiet lawn mower?

Beyond noise, quiet lawnmowers take very little maintenance to operate them. You don’t have to worry about oil, gas, sparkplugs, or trying to get it to start. Besides those benefits, you can ditch the earmuffs and be a bit more relaxed in the knowledge that your machine is environmentally friendly as well.


What are some features to look for in a quiet lawn mower?

Lawnmowers have advanced quite a bit in design and function over the past 50 years. The options available, their ease of operation and their dependability have increased greatly. In the vast number of models available selecting the exact right one with all of the features you want or need can be overwhelming, but there are a few basic features that cross over between one model to another. Let’s take a closer look at those features:


Cutting Deck Size

The size of the cutting deck determines the width of grass that is cut whenever the lawnmower makes a single pass. A lawnmower with a 15” cutting deck will cut a swath of grass 15 inches wide. Deck sizes tend to range from 14” to 20” in quiet lawnmowers. The larger cutting deck allow you to make fewer passes over your lawn, but they require more power, so finding a balance is the key to this feature.


Depth Adjustment

Depth adjustment or height adjustment allows you to cut your grass longer or shorter. Various types of grass do not thrive when cut too short and leaving your grass too long allows it to start looking ragged much faster. Depth adjustment is a crucial feature included in nearly all lawnmowers. You might consider the type of grass in your lawn before choosing a mower and make sure your mower will adjust to the proper depth.


Weight and Size

Weight and size certainly make a difference for storage and transport, but where these two attributes really make a difference is when you are pushing the mower. In general, a mower with a larger cutting deck will be bulkier and heavier, which also means that pushing it and maneuvering it will require a little bit more effort.



The most critical part of a quiet lawnmower is its battery. The power it provides is what determines how well your lawnmower will cut and for how long you can work before you have to recharge. Battery life can last anywhere from 30 minutes up to 90 minutes on most quiet lawnmowers. If you have a larger lawn to work with, then you will want a battery with a longer running time. However, a second factor comes into play as well; charging time. Even if your battery has a shorter running time, if its recharging time is short, it might be just about right for taking a short break while you mow. Keep charging time in mind when you consider your battery as well.

Another aspect of the battery is its power, which is measured in volts. It is important to make sure that the battery carries enough voltage to operate the machine you’re using. Higher voltage lessens the power demands on the battery and translates into a smoother overall cut. The power requirement will be greater for a larger cutting deck as well as for a deeper cutting depth, so keep those factors in mind as you consider various models and their battery power.


Other Considerations

There are a few other considerations to keep in mind when you shop for a quiet mower. These tend to be related to special situations, needs or personal preferences. Here are those considerations:

• Mulching vs. Collecting. Just like gas mowers, some quiet mowers allow you the option of cutting and collecting, cutting and mulching, or even just tossing the clippings aside. Your own preference or the season and type of grass might determine your selection in this area.

• Self-propelled. Heavier gas mowers often have self-propelling drive wheels to make the machine easier to push, and you can also get that option in a quiet mower. Keep in mind that driving the wheels will also use up battery, so you may sacrifice some running time to have the self-propelled option.

• Child Safety. Although it isn’t a bad idea to have safety start features to avoid accidents, it is especially important to have these features if you have small children around the house. Even though a quiet mower is electric, it still has those sharp cutting blades, which can produce devastating results in an accident.


Given the features and benefits we have just discussed in our buyer’s guide, you should be well enough informed to make a more critical comparison between the various models of quiet lawnmowers in our review below. How they implement various features to fit your personal needs and preferences should help you narrow down your choice to the right machine for you.



Top Rated Best Quiet Lawn Mowers Reviews


Ryobi 16 in. 40-Volt Cordless Walk-Behind Lawn Mower


Weight: 16 lbs.
Cut diameter: 16”
Cut depth: ¾” to 2 ¾”
Cut time (recharge time): 30 minutes (2 hours)
Warranty: 5 years

Ryobi, a recognizable name in cordless power tools, takes the quiet lawnmower to a whole new level with its 40-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Mower. This mower delivers 30 minutes of cutting time with a 16” cutting deck. A single lever allows you to adjust the depth of your cut from ¾” to 2 ¾”. Weighing in at only 16 lbs., this mower is easy to maneuver around your lawn and can easily be transported to another location without much trouble. Mulching and bagging are options with this mower, which is whisper quiet and ideal for small lawns with close neighbors.

The Good

• This is a lightweight mower with a decent cutting deck size and plenty of power.
• The quality of grass cutting is a plus as are the mulching and bagging options.
• Single lever depth adjustment is a nice touch on this mower.
• Ryobi is a well-reputed name brand in cordless power tools.
• This mower comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Not So Good

• The charging time is a bit long at 2 hours, so you will want to consider a spare battery if you have a bigger lawn.
• Thick or wet grass are going to bog this mower down.
• The fact that the battery and charger don’t come with the mower is bothersome.

A Great Choice If…

You have a smaller lawn that can be cut in 30 minutes or less. You might not be impressed with this mower if you have a larger lawn and have to wait on the charger to finish cutting your grass.




EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawn Mower


Weight: 56.22 lbs.
Cut diameter: 20”
Cut depth: 1 ¼” to 3 ½”
Cut time (recharge time): 90 minutes (less than 90 minutes)
Warranty: 5 years

When it comes to quiet lawn mowing power, the EGO Power Cordless Lawn Mower is toward the top of the list. This mower features a 56 Volt Lithium-Ion battery to provide plenty of power to its 20” cutting deck. It weighs in at only a hair over 56 pounds, making it easy to maneuver and transport if necessary. You can cut up to 90 minutes on a single charge, which is at the top of the class in cutting time, and its charging time is actually less than 90 minutes. Cutting depth can be adjusted from 1 ¼” to 3 ½” with a single lever. The foldable design of this mower makes for easy storage as well as transport. This unit also features 3-in-1 functions for mulching, bagging or side-discharge and a 5 year warranty as well.

The Good

• This is a powerful mower with a lot of cutting time and low charging time.
• The 20” deck on this machine allows you to get through your task faster.
• This is a lightweight, easy to maneuver machine.
• Cutting depth can be adjusted by a single lever.
• This mower has true 3-in-1 functions.
• The 5 year warranty is pretty impressive as well.

The Not So Good

• This unit is pretty pricey considering that it doesn’t come with the battery and charger included.
• This mower is a little bit weak when mulching thick or wet grass and bogs down.

A Great Choice If…

You have a larger lawn and need more running time and a little extra power to get through thicker grass. You might not be impressed with this machine if you do a lot of mulching.




Scotts 2000-20 20-Inch Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower


Weight: 34 lbs.
Cut diameter: 20”
Cut depth: 1” to 3”
Cut time (recharge time): N/A
Warranty: N/A

No refueling, no recharging, no fumes and no mess are all features and benefits of the Scotts 200-20 Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower. This isn’t like your grandmother’s old reel mower, which was more like pushing an anvil through 6 inches of mud. The unique rear-wheel design of this mower reduces drag and makes it more maneuverable. It has 5 heat-treated steel blades, which are 20” long to cut a wider swath through your lawn and finish the job more quickly. You can easily adjust heights in 6 different positions between 1” and 3” and this model features 10” composite wheels to make it easier to push and cut.

The Good

• The absence of charging, fueling, fumes and mess are certainly an added plus for those who prefer and eco-friendly option.
• This mower is almost entirely silent during operation.
• Its wider cutting deck allows you to take few passes to finish the job at hand.
• It utilizes 5 heat-treated cutting blades driven by 10” wheels for easier pushing.
• The depth of the cut can be adjusted into 6 different positions.

The Not So Good

• You will need to walk your lawn and remove twigs and branches before mowing.
• Cutting near the edges can be a bit trickier.
• This mower takes some strength to operate.

A Great Choice If…

You like the idea of a truly silent and environmentally friendly mower with a wider cutting deck. This mower might be difficult for those who are more feeble to operate.




Greenworks 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher 25052


Weight: 26 lbs.
Cut diameter: 16”
Cut depth: 1 1/8” to 2 1/4”
Cut time (recharge time): N/A
Warranty: 4 years

Another messless, fussless, fumeless and fuelless option for cutting your grass is presented in the form of the Greenworks 16” Reel Lawn Mower. Just like the mower above, this option is completely silent and eco-friendly. It features a 16” wide cutting reel has 5 heat-treated steel blades and includes 4-level depth adjustment. The 10” cutting wheel makes it easier to push through thicker grass as well. This unit includes a removable grass catcher for the option of bagging or mulching.

The Good

• This mower requires no fuel and no recharging and is entirely environmentally friendly.
• Its 16” cutting width allows you to get through with the task faster and makes it a bit easier to push than wider models.
• Depth adjustment is simple and allows 4 different options.
• The 10” wheel makes it easier to push through thick grass.
• This mower is easily affordable and comes with a 4 year warranty.

The Not So Good

• Twigs and leaves can make it hard to operate this mower, so you will have to clear those items from your lawn first.
• Those who are not very strong will struggle with this mower.

A Great Choice If…

You want an affordable and truly silent, eco-friendly mower. If you are feeble, this mower will be difficult to use.




Husqvarna 967623405 Automower 315 Robotic Lawn Mower


Weight: 19.8 lbs.
Cut diameter: 8 3/4”
Cut depth: ¾” to 2 3/8”
Cut time (recharge time): automated (automated)
Warranty: 2 years

Quiet lawn mowing has arrived in the 21st century with the Husqvarna Robotic Lawn Mower. This high-tech AI machine is a 4-wheeled advanced robotic lawnmower for a lawn of up to 16,000 square feet. It has an intuitive menu which is user-friendly and can be programmed with custom settings to suit your preferences. This mower cuts the grass until it begins to run low on power and then returns to the charging bay, and then it returns to where it left off. It can handle rough terrain and slopes up to 27-degrees with ease.

The Good

• This is an entirely hands-free lawn mowing option based on state of the art AI.
• This is a quiet machine which can maneuver around difficult terrain and objects.
• It recharges itself when necessary and then returns to work.
• You can make depth adjustments and program it for spot mowing and is user-friendly.
• It comes with a 2 year warranty.

The Not So Good

• Setting up the perimeter guide wire for this machine is a bit tedious.
• If it gets stuck, it will set and spin out until it runs out of battery or the motor burns out.
• It is still pretty hard to justify the price of this machine for mowing your lawn.

A Great Choice If…

You are into high-tech, AI gadgets and money is not an option. You might not be able to justify the price of this mower for mowing your lawn if you’re on a budget.




Snow Joe MJ401C-XR-SJB Mow Joe 14 inch 28V 5 Ah Cordless Lawn Mower


Weight: 29 lbs.
Cut diameter: 14”
Cut depth: 1 1/8” to 2 5/8”
Cut time (recharge time): 25 minutes (3 hours)
Warranty: 2 years

An affordable cordless option for small to mid-sized lawns is the Snow Joe MJ401C-XR-SJB. This mower has a 14” cutting deck powered by a 28 volt battery. It has 3-position height adjustment using a single, conveniently located lever. This unit allows for 25 minutes of cutting time before it needs to be recharged. Weighing only 29 pounds makes this machine easy to maneuver or transport if necessary. You can easily attach a clipping bag to collect the cuttings from your lawn if desired as well.

The Good

• This is a very quiet, affordable option for cutting small to mid-sized lawns.
• It has safety starting to prevent accidents.
• You can easily attach a clipping bag to catch cuttings if you like.
• It has 3-level depth adjustment with a single lever.
• It has an LED indicator to let you know when the battery is fully charged to avoid overcharging.
• This mower is easily affordable and comes with a 2 year warranty.

The Not So Good

• The narrow cutting deck requires additional passes to complete your mowing task.
• It is pretty weak on power and will bog down much too easily in heavy or wet grass.
• The run time of this mower in relation to its charging time is apt to be a frustration.

A Great Choice If…

You have a smaller lawn which can be cut in less than 25 minutes and you would like a quiet, affordable option. You will probably not be impressed with the short cutting time and the long charging time of this mower.




Snapper XD SXDWM82K 82V Cordless 21-Inch Walk Mower


Weight: 90 lbs.
Cut diameter: 21”
Cut depth: 1 3/8” to 3 ¾”
Cut time (recharge time): 45 minutes (30 minutes)
Warranty: 5 years

You will have the power to finish the job of cutting your grass quickly and quietly with the Snapper XD SXDWM82K Cordless Mower. Backed by two well-known names in lawn equipment, this Snapper mower is powered by a Briggs & Straton 82V Lithium-Ion battery with plenty of strength to power its way through any kind of grass. Besides allow you 45 minutes of cutting time, the battery of this unit recharges in just 30 minutes, but if you want to keep going, you can just put in the spare battery which is included in this package. The 21” cutting deck on this mower can be adjusted to 7 different cutting depths and it has true 3-in-1 functionality with the options of mulching, bagging or side-discard. In addition, this mower can be collapsed and stored in a vertical position when not in use.

The Good

• This cordless, quiet mower packs the power of a gas mower without the mess, the noise and the fumes.
• The 80 V batteries allow for a longer cutting time than most and recharge rapidly.
• This mower has a 21” cutting deck so that you can finish mowing your lawn faster with fewer passes.
• This mower has full 3-in-1 functionality.
• 7-level depth adjustment is an added plus.
• You get the quality and reliability of two trusted name brands in one mower.
• Given all of its features and benefits as well as the second battery, this is a pretty good value.
• This mower comes with a 5 year warranty.

The Not So Good

• This mower is a bit heavier than most cordless mowers.
• Those with a smaller lawn that can be cut in less than 30 minutes might have a hard time justifying the price of this mower.
• A self-propelled option would be a nice added touch to this mower.

A Great Choice If…

You have a larger lawn which requires extensive cutting time and understand the value of this unit. If you have a smaller lawn, this mower might seem a bit pricey to suit your needs.




VonHaus 40V Max.16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower


Weight: 37.5 lbs.
Cut diameter: 16”
Cut depth: 1” to 3”
Cut time (recharge time): 28 minutes (2.5 hours)
Warranty: N/A

The lightweight 40V power of the VonHaus Cordless Lawn Mower is a great choice for small to mid-sized lawns. The 16” cutting deck on this mower is powered by a 40V Lithium-Ion battery with 28 minutes of run time. It utilizes a brushless motor with fewer parts to break down and greater longevity. The depth of your cut can be adjusted to 6 different levels using a single lever and it comes with an easily detachable grass catcher. The collapsible design and lightweight construction makes it ideal for storage and transport.

The Good

• This is a lightweight and maneuverable lawn mower with just enough power and running time to finish a small to mid-size lawn before needing to be recharged.
• Depth adjustment to 6 different levels is available using a single lever.
• You have the option of mulching or bagging.
• It has push-pull cutting ability so you can cut in either direction.
• The 40V battery provided plenty of power for thicker grass.

The Not So Good

• Its short run time and long charging time could be frustrating to some users.
• Its cutting swath is really pretty narrow for finishing larger lawns quickly.
• This mower has too many plastic parts used in its construction.

A Great Choice If…

You need a more powerful option for a small to mid-sized lawn that you can mow in under 28 minutes. You might not be happy with the narrow cutting path and short run time of this mower if you have a larger lawn.

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