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Guide To The Best Quiet Kettles On The Market 2022

As more and more individuals are becoming more health conscious, the trend from drinking coffee is gradually moving toward various types of teas and their numerous health benefits. Along with preparing and drinking more tea, the market for kettles has continuously increased and that shrill whistle that tells you when it’s ready has increased too. The latter doesn’t have to be the case if you can get your hands on a quiet kettle.

Selecting a quiet kettle in today’s market can be something of a challenge given the broad variety of kettles available. Our buyer’s guide can help provide information on the basic features and benefits to expect from a quiet kettle and what to look for before you make a purchase. In addition, we’ll give you an opportunity to make use of the information from the buyer’s guide by reviewing a number of quiet kettles to compare.

Our hope is that by the end of this article you will be well enough informed to make a qualified decision regarding which kettle best fits your needs and preferences. With that objective in mind, let’s take a look at some of the basic features and benefits of quiet kettles.

Why do you need a quiet kettle?

So you may have a quiet juicer and a quiet garbage disposal unit, but what about investing in a quiet kettle?

There are a number of different reasons for needing a quiet kettle. The main reason most people buy them is to avoid awakening others who might want to sleep while you’re enjoying your morning cup of tea. Another is that those whistling tea kettles scream for attention right away and you might not be quite ready or able to get to it on demand.


What benefits can you expect from a quiet kettle?

Besides allowing those around you to sleep, there are some additional benefits of a quiet kettle. Those who live in dorm rooms or apartments without a stove upon which to heat a kettle are able to heat water for tea, soup, noodle bowls, cereal, or whatever else might require heated water from a kettle. Quiet kettles tend to heat up, and then maintain that heat for a period of time until you are able to tend to it and use its heated contents. In addition, the risk of boiling over is eliminated with a quiet kettle.


What are some features to look for in a quiet kettle?

Though everyone has different preferences when it comes to the exact kettle to buy, there are some general features to look for when selecting the best quiet kettle. Let’s take a closer look at some of those basic features:

Boiling Speed

When it comes to selecting kettles, a major factor is boiling speed. There is a difference of about 2 minutes between those which boil slower and those which boil faster and that amount of time adds up to the amount of energy used. The typical range is between 1000 and 1800 watts. Those in the 1500 watt range tend to heat a liter or quart of water in about 4 minutes, where those of lower wattage can take nearly 5-7 minutes to boil.

Kettle Capacity

Another feature to keep in mind when selecting a kettle is how much water it will heat at a time. Most kettles hold between 1.5 and 1.7 liters, or around a quart and a half of water or 6 to 7 cups. In addition to maximum capacity of kettles, keep minimum capacity in mind, since you might only want to boil 1 cup instead of an entire kettle at one time. Smaller, mini kettles can come in handy when traveling or if you live alone and they tend to be about half the capacity of the average full-sized kettle.


Kettle noise, apart from the old whistling, stove-top style, requires a delicate balance. Higher wattage kettles will make more noise as they work than lower wattage kettles, but you might have to sacrifice some of that speed to get a quieter kettle. In general, you should look for models which are approved by the Quiet Mark seal rather than taking the manufacturer’s word for it.

Additional Features

There are several additional features that provide convenience when it comes to using your kettle. Not all kettles will include the features, but the very best ones will and they add value when it comes to practical use. Let’s take a look at some of these additional features:

• The Grip. This is important because holding onto a kettle full of hot water, at 3 to 4 pounds, is extremely necessary, especially when it comes to carrying and pouring. Look for a soft, rubber grip in the handle to help you maintain better control.

• Filters. These are important for helping to get rid of limescale and other scum that might buildup on the surface of the boiled water. Filters tend to be in the spout and are removable and washable.

• Boil Dry Protection. Kettles with this function shut off automatically when the water level drops below a certain point and prevents the kettle from boiling out all of the water and becoming extremely hot.

• 360° Base. Sometimes referred to as a pirouette connector allows the kettle to be set into the base and turned in whatever direction is most convenient while the kettle is boiling. This allows you to fill and pour without having to tow the electric component along with you.

• Kettle Filling. Wider spouts make it easier to fill the kettle, but better yet, look for a hinged top lid for filling.

• Variable Temperature. Various heating options allows you to have a bit more control over how hot you want your water to be. This is important because some teas ought to be brewed at a temperature below boiling.

• Safety. Kettles get extremely hot, so a cooler kettle surface can be of some advantage. Locking lids are also an important safety feature as are auto shutoff when the kettle is lifted or disconnected from the base, and thermal shut-off to prevent burning up the heating element.


With the above benefits and features in mind, you should be well informed when it comes to selecting a kettle that best fits your needs. You can narrow down your choice further by comparing how these various features are implemented in the different models of quiet kettles in our review.



Top Ten Best Quiet Kettles Reviews



Dualit 72955 Design Series Kettle

It’s hard to deny the attractive, smooth lines of the Dualit 72955 Design Series Kettle. Its contemporary architectural look helps to define its style, but its numerous features give it solid functionality. This is a versatile mid-size pot with an anti-drip spout for smooth pouring, a built in pour filter to prevent limescale from getting into your cup, and boasts 1200 watts of heating power to reach boiling in just about 5 minutes. It is made of stainless steel, is resilient and quiet.

The Good

• This is a well-made and stylish kettle with plenty of durability.
• The Dualit features the Quiet Mark.
• This kettle has a 1.5 liter or 6 cup capacity, but can also heat a single cup.
• 1200 watts is in a decent heating range and will boil within 5 minutes.
• It has a pirouette base and auto-shutoff.

The Not So Good

• This unit is a bit pricey given its simplicity.
• It does not allow for varying temperature options.
• Its lid design can be annoying when it comes to filling the pot.

A Great Choice If…

You are looking for a durable, well-built contemporary style of kettle and you aren’t overly concerned about price. You might not be able to justify the purchase of this unit given its simplicity.




Molla Púro Cordless Glass Electric Water Kettle

Safety, elegance and functionality all come together in the Molla Puro Water Kettle. The high technology of Germany made Schott Duran glass is the most noticeable feature of this kettle. This glass kettle has auto-shutoff whenever it is separated from its base or the water level gets below 1 cup. This kettle is entirely BPA free and utilizes slow opening technology to prevent steam burns when opening the lid and features an anti-calcium filter. This kettle is a quick and quiet option to keep in mind.

The Good

• This kettle will boil water within 5 minutes when at maximum fill level.
• The Molla Puro sits on a 360-degree, pirouette base for greater freedom of use.
• The glass construction of this kettle is of high quality and is entirely BPA free.
• The slow-opening lid prevents burns from steam and it utilizes auto-shutoff when water level drops below 1 cup or when detached from the base.
• This kettle also includes an anti-calc or limescale filter as well.

The Not So Good

• The possibility of shattering this kettle if dropped makes it something of a concern.
• There are no temperature variation settings on this kettle.

A Great Choice If…

You desire a touch of elegance for your kettle and do not need variable temperature capabilities. You might not be happy with the simplistic functionality of this unit.



Kenwood SJM610 Persona Collection Electric Kettle

Greater precision for customizing the heating of water is a major feature of the Kenwood SJM610 Persona Kettle. The larger 7 cup capacity of this kettle allows you 7 pre-set temperature settings for greater precision in various brews. This kettle is internationally certified as being quiet, heats a full pot of water within about 3 minutes with its higher wattage element and will maintain the achieved temperature for up to 30 minutes. It has auto-shutoff when disconnected from the pirouette base, limescale filter, has a calibrated water viewing window, and an easy-to-fill push top lid. Settings are in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

The Good

• The variation in temperature programs is a major plus of this kettle.
• The 30 minute keep warm function on this unit, along with its auto-shutoff features are also quite attractive.
• This is a well built kettle with quick heating and the Quiet Mark certification.
• The Kenwood’s kettle detaches from its digital, pirouette base for more convenient pouring and safety.
• This unit also includes a limescale filter in the spout.

The Not So Good

• This unit is a bit pricey.
• Some users have complained that the temperature settings are a bit inaccurate.

A Great Choice If…

You need a great deal more precision when it comes to the temperature of your water when you brew tea or coffee. If you are on a budget, the expense of this kettle might be difficult to justify.



Royal Electric Kettle (BPA Free) – Fast Boiling Glass Tea Kettle

The premium quality glass and stainless steel of the Royal Electric Kettle combine to create a very attractive and highly functional kettle. The capacity of this unit is 1.7 liter and features fill marks for various amounts on the glass so you can fill with greater accuracy. This kettle sets on a pirouette base with auto-shutoff when you lift the pot from the base or when water levels are too low. An anti-slip grip is built into the handle of this kettle, features a metallic strainer in the pour spout, an easy to fill lid and is 100% BPA free.

The Good

• This is a well-built kettle with the combination of glass and non-corrosive stainless steel for a lot of durability and an appealing look.
• There are plenty of safety features built into the Royal kettle including: auto-shutoff, a non-slip grip made of food-grade silicone, and cordless function apart from the base.
• This unit sets on a pirouette base for greater convenience.
• The metallic strainer helps to keep solids from showing up into your cup.
• This kettle will boil water at maximum capacity within 5 to 6 minutes.

The Not So Good

• The underside of the kettle is plastic, which seems a bit out of character with the overall glass and stainless steel of the rest of the kettle.
• There are no temperature variation settings on this kettle for more precise brewing.

A Great Choice If…

You would like the more elegant and durable design of a glass and stainless steel kettle at a price that will fit any budget. You might not like the lack of temperature variation with this unit.




Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Kettle

A significant amount of wattage goes into making the Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp a quick heating kettle. Besides being able to heat 7 cups or 1.7 liters of water in a little more than 4 minutes, this kettle is also quiet. Six pre-set variations in temperature can be set with the simple press of a button on the handle, allowing you greater precision for the perfect brew. This kettle features 30-minute keep warm, a two minute memory function, a removable and washable limescale filter and it sets on a pirouette base for greater convenience.

The Good

• You have to be impressed with both the variation of temperatures available as well as the ease with which they can be accessed on the top of the handle.
• The stainless steel construction is an added plus for greater durability.
• It heats water quickly and quietly and has the keep warm feature.
• This kettle includes the auto-shut off feature, a limescale filter and sets on a pirouette base for greater use and convenience.
• It is easy to fill with its calibrated water level window, simple to use and easy to clean.

The Not So Good

• This kettle is a bit heavier given its stainless steel construction and does not have an anti-slip grip.
• Limescale deposits show up rather quickly after on a few uses.

A Great Choice If…

You want the durability of stainless steel combined with the greater versatility of programmable temperature control. This unit is a little bit above the range of some budgets, though still affordable.




Russell Hobbs Retro Style 1.7L Electric Kettle, Red & Stainless Steel, KE5550RDR

The retro look of the Russell Hobbs Red and Stainless Steel KE550RDR kettle is not only a great conversation piece, but it is highly functional and durable as well. This unit features drip-free pouring from a 1.7 liter capacity kettle which will allow you to bring it to full boil in under 5 minutes. It includes a removable and washable limescale filter, an easy fill top and calibrated markings for the rear-facing fill window. It sits on a pirouette base and has a sure grip, silicone handle and auto-shutoff for added safety. It also uses an analogue temperature gauge to allow you to see the temperature of the heating water.

The Good

• Besides having a durable, retro design, this is a light kettle at only 2.6 pounds and will heat a very large amount of water very quickly.
• The rubberized handle makes this unit safe to use and its drip-free pouring spout make eliminates accidental spills and sloshes.
• It utilizes a pirouette style base, allowing you greater convenience and flexibility and has auto-shutoff features as well.
• It heats water quickly and quietly and is simple to fill and use.
• It also features an analogue temperature gauge allowing you to shut off the machine when it reaches the perfect temperature.

The Not So Good

• The heat and hold feature is missing on this kettle.
• Being able to program the temperature instead of having to do it manually would make this kettle a bit better.

A Great Choice If…

You love that retro look and want it in a fully functional kettle that is both safe and easy to use. You might not like that you have to manually shutoff this machine when it reaches the desired temperature instead of being able to program it.



Dualit Cordless 6-Cup Jug Kettle, Chrome

The jug style kettle of this Dualit 6-cup Chrome Kettle is made of durable stainless steel and features plenty of style. This kettle is built for rapid boiling with a concealed element and heat proof handles. It has an oversized non-drip pour spout with a limescale filter built-in. It has a large water level indicator on either side of the kettle and sits on a solid pirouette base with non-slip rubber feet. It also features auto-shut off, and a heat proof ball knob on a hinged lid for additional safety and convenience.

The Good

• This kettle is well-built and durable for greater longevity along with its stylish look.
• Rapid boiling in under 5 minutes while remaining quiet are impressive features to consider.
• It sits on a well designed rotary power base for added convenience.
• The water level gauge on both sides of the kettle is an added plus.
• Safety and ease of use are built into this kettle.

The Not So Good

• There are no temperature variation functions on this unit.
• This kettle is pretty pricey given its simplicity of function.

A Great Choice If…

You are in the market for a fast heating and durable kettle and money is not a problem. You might be disappointed with the lack of temperature variations on this machine.




Dualit 72142 1.5L Studio Kettle

Patented Sure Pour, precision engineered non-drip spout is a major feature of the Dualit 72142 1.5L Studio Kettle, along with its sleek contemporary design. The low pouring angle makes using this kettle much easier to handle, as does its lightweight construction and easy-grip handle. It will boil water in less than 4 minutes at maximum fill and operates quietly. This kettle is made of BPA free plastic and stainless steel, includes a removable and washable limescale filter and sets on a pirouette base for greater convenience and safety.

The Good

• This is a quick heating kettle in a lightweight design with plenty of durability and quiet operation.
• The design of this kettle includes BPA free plastic.
• This kettle features a spring-loaded hinged lid and a patented Sure Pour spout for non-drip pouring.
• It includes a removable and washable limescale filter.
• This unit sets on a pirouette style base for convenience and safety and includes auto-shutoff when detached from the base or water level is too low.

The Not So Good

• Though the bottom of the kettle is stainless steel, the sides and top are plastic, which is a little less than desirable when it comes to the added taste in the boiled water.
• There are no temperature variation adjustments included with this unit.
• It is a bit pricey for a plastic kettle.

A Great Choice If…

You require a lightweight, easy to use kettle which heats rapidly and has a stylish look. You might not be impressed with this kettle’s lack of temperature variation and its price might be difficult to justify.

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