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Automotive Sound Deadening Material – Guide To Soundproofing Your Ride

Upgrade Your Ride With Soundproofing

No matter if you were born with a wrench in your hand, have a passion for antique classic cars, or even if you’ve recently purchased a brand new 4 wheel beauty that you absolutely adore. One awesomely simple and highly affordable upgrade option that you should definitely consider is that of automotive soundproofing. This helpful option works by absorbing and diffusing various sound-causing vibrations, like that from road noise, speakers, and other automotive parts or components that can create noise inducing vibrations while driving.

If you’ve recently installed or are looking to install an awesome new sound system in your beloved vehicle, then sound proofing is a definite must to be sure you’re getting the most bang for your tune loving buck. The great news is that today there are a wide range of highly effective automotive sound deadening materials on the market for you to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that will work perfect for your unique situation.


Why Should I Soundproof My Ride?

Soundproofing your car is very much like soundproofing a room. You do it for the same reasons. Soundproofing your ride certainly offers a great range of helpful benefits. There are of course the obvious benefits of having a significantly quieter interior cabin (especially on the highway or when you’re traveling at higher speeds) to being able to better hear your passengers, even those in the back seat, and even experiencing less road noise while using your hands-free or Bluetooth system or rocking out to your favorite road-worthy playlist.

Best of all, most of the options available are super simple to install and can be done relatively quickly, so you shouldn’t need a mechanic in order to get it done and begin reaping the benefits. We’ve detailed a few of the current product options below, so you will be informed and ready to go with your soundproofing project right away.


What Car Soundproofing Options Are Available For Me?


1. Noico 50 mil. 50 sq.ft. Sound Deadening Mat

This insulation from Noico is designed with self-adhesive material and comes in easy to use sheets with special embossing on the foil to ensure proper installation. Installation involves rolling the sheets out with a roller (sold separately) for proper adhesion and function. This material has a total weight of 0.5 lbs/1sq ft to ensure maximum sound insulation and efficiency and comes with a special indicator to ensure it is installed correctly. This highly rated product is extremely easy to install and is a very affordable option.


2. uxcell 394mil. 16.36sq.ft. Car Noise Sound Deadener Mat

This product option from uxcell has some great added features, like moisture and water proofing and a scratch resistant fiberglass material. This material is 10 mm thick and offers strong sound insulation, heat and cold insulation, sound damping and antisepsis. It also offers strong shock resistance, self- viscous performance, is simple to apply with a roller, and is extremely affordable. This mat can be cut to the size needed for your installation and is 60″ x 40″.


3. DEI 050220 Boom Mat Spray-on Sound Deadening

This unique spray-on product from DEI can be applied in multiple layers for customizaeable sound deadening and is fully paintable after 6 hours from time of application. If you can spray it, you can apply this highly affordable and highly rated product. Capable of handling handling temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and made from chip proof and rust proof material, this easy to use product can be applied to non-coated surfaces and acts as a thermal barrier and a sound deadener. One can will cover approximately 20 sq. ft of space.


4. Dynamat Xtreme 10455 18″ x 32″ x 0.067″ Thick Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener Sheets

One of the most well known brands available on the market, Dynamat’s Extreme sound deadening product is priced slightly higher than our previous products, but has an extremely high product rating and offers some great features. It comes with nine 18″ x 32″ self-adhesive, aluminum coated sheets and is lighter than Dynamat Original, which means it’s flexible, easier to install, and requires no heat to apply.


5. Kilmat 50 mil. 50 sq.ft. Car Sound Deadening Mat

This butyl and foil constructed product from Kilmat features 50 mil thick, self-adhesive material, which also contains a special indicator to ensure proper installation. This product comes in pre-cut sheets for easy installation and must be rolled out (again roller is not included) to ensure proper adhesion and function. Another highly rated product that, although is not the cheapest of those we’ve listed so far, is certainly very affordable and very highly rated. There are fourty seven 9.8″ x 15.7″ sheets per box and the roller is not included.



6. Guteauto 236 mil. 15 sq.ft. Sound Deadening Insulation Mat

Guteauto’s sound deadening product is highly affordable, fire and flame retardant and comes in a solid sheet, which must be cut or trimmed to the appropriate size. It is constructed of aluminum foil and foam rubber to absorb heat and noise and is self adhesive for easy installation. These panels are 55″ x 39″.



7. Partsam 50 mil. 50 sq.ft. Car Sound Deadening Mat

This product has a super high product rating and while not being the cheapest option, is still a very affordable option. These lightweight and self-adhesive sheets are constructed with foil and butyl sound dampening material. This noise dampening, vibration dampening and heat resistant product is applied with a roller and also offers waterproofing protection. There are twelve 30 x 20 sheets in each box and the roller is also included with this product for quick installation.

Sound deadening material can be installed in a multitude of places in your vehicle in order to optimize its function and sound deadening performance. These products can be installed under the hood, in the trunk, behind the door panels, around speakers, and even under the vehicles front and rear seats. The only specialized knowledge you’ll really need to have is how to properly remove your door panels, if you plan on installing sound deadening material in those areas.

Before you begin, you’ll want to make sure that you have a proper set of gloves on hand, to ensure safety during the installation process. You’ll also want to be sure that you thoroughly clean all of the surfaces you will be applying your sound deadening material to, just to ensure proper adhesion. Also, be sure to spend some time thoroughly researching the products you are considering, prior to committing to a purchase. There are many inferior products available on the market. So, make sure you don’t accidentally snag a dud, you’ll regret it later.


Above are just a few of the varieties of automotive sound deadening products available. For the product options which do not include rollers, they are available for purchase online at a very minimal cost. These are absolutely necessary for proper installation, so make sure to add one to your cart, as well.

From mats to sheets to sprays, the options are highly customizeable, depending on where and how you’d like to sound proof your ride. No matter which option you choose for your vehicle, your next weekend project is right here waiting for you. Let’s do this!

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